Write an Essay: 4 Types of Structure

An essay is essentially a concentrated, detailed piece of written writing that articulates an opinion or argument based on analysis, interpretation and evidence. There are various kinds that you may write an essay as a college student. The content and style of such an essay rely on your particular field of study, age, and subject of studies. But most all academic essays share one common goal: they aim to persuade readers of some particular point or view through carefully organized, well-developed arguments. Essays are usually divided into two main categories – topical and cross-disciplinary.

In a topical essay, the focus is on a single piece of literature or argument. The opening of the essay describes the author’s point of view on the topic. The most typical argument for a topical essay is an interpretation of the literary or historical subject. This type of essay requires a careful, selective reading of literary devices and references, as well as the presentation of ideas and opinions. The thesis statement of this kind of essay may vary significantly from one writer to another, depending on the audience.

The second major type of essay is the comparative essay. Comparative arguments occur in the analysis or discussion of two or more texts that are written about the same topic. Most writers involved in this type of essay develop three basic kinds of comparisons: direct or indirect, qualitative or quantitative. The conclusion of this kind of essay states the result of their arguments and is often the basis of future works. The thesis statement of this kind of essay often draws on previous literary works.

The third major category is the argumentative essay. Unlike the topical or comparative type of essay, a persuasive essay makes its arguments based upon scientific facts and evidence gathered from various disciplines and other sources. Writers commonly write an essay as a means of presenting their arguments and supporting evidence. Students involved in this type of writing also write a final paper. Some of the most common types of arguments used in a persuasive essay include presuppositions, ad hominem, and the perfect and the imperfect.

The fourth category is the argumentative essay. Unlike the analytical style of essay, this style is highly structured and follows a specific format. It often includes strong arguments and examples of scientific or technical data that support the argument. Most commonly, a writer will need to use several kinds of styles to support their points. Formal proofreading and editing are required before any distribution.

The last type of essay I am going to discuss is the descriptive essay. This type of writing normally follows a single topic and several paragraphs. The focus of this kind of essay is the description of the subject, rather than the history or arguments of the author. However, you may find some authors who write an essay with several objectives in mind, such as proving that a particular species is endangered or becoming extinct. When writing this type of essay, you should provide some background information on the topic.